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    Default Washington Redskins

    D.C. Council calls on Washington Redskins to ditch ‘racist and derogatory’ name - The Washington Post

    Should the Washington Redskins change their name? Do you think it is offensive?


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    Yes, they should.
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    The DC council has no right to try to make a resolution to change this team, they are in Landover and not in DC anymore.

    There was recently a meeting with leaders from a number of Native American tribes, I would be really interested in what decision
    they came up with.

    I did find an article on CBS DC that had this quote

    "In the only recent poll to ask native people about the subject, 90 percent of respondents did not consider the term offensive"

    So in my opinion, if the majority of Native American tribes wanted it gone then it should change today. If they are okay with it, then the rest of us should stop causing a problem where one was not present before

    Edited to Add, my Dh thinks that being affiliated with Washington DC would be more offensive to him
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    Quote Originally Posted by mom3girls View Post
    The DC council has no right to try to make a resolution to change this team, they are in Landover and not in DC anymore.
    I don't think that matters. They are the washington redskins. I think if you ask people who live there, the feel the team reprisent them...regardless of where their actual stadium is. Perhaps if they completel disassociated themselves and call them the Landover Redskins it might be a little different. (But lets not be silly, the team relies on the entire metro areas fanbase/economy)

    I think of the Jets and Giants as NY teams, not "East Rutherford, NJ" teams. They are the NY Jets and NY Giants. And the redskins are the Washington Redksins.

    If they are going to represent the city by using their name in their team...then i think the council has a right to speak up.

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