Water your lawn, get fined. Don't water your lawn, get fined.

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Water your lawn, get fined. Don't water your lawn, get fined.

California is in a drought, and the Governor has requested a minimum 20% water reduction from every household. Unless we get a torrent of rain in the next two months, Gov. Brown is expected to institute mandatory water rationing, along with fines of up to $1000 for things like watering your lawn.

Meanwhile, homeowners who are already doing their part by not watering their lawns, are being fined up to $1000 by their homeowners associations for violating clauses that require a well-maintained yard.

What to do? Get fined by your HOA or get fined by the state? Most people seem to be willing to pay fines to the state and keep watering their lawns since overdue HOA fees can result in your home being foreclosed.

Drought or not, brown lawns bring HOA fines - SFGate Blog

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I can't even believe there are HOAs in the "land of the free."

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I think the HOA's should be fined for not backing what the Governor has put forth.

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Wondering if the HOA will change their ruling during a drought? My in laws live in a gated community with an HOA and they changed something last summer when we had really bad air quality during some wild fires.