Wearing day clothes to bed (fluff)

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Wearing day clothes to bed (fluff)

I was recently reading tips to save time and a bunch of people said they dressed their kids at night for the next day and that is how the kids sleep?

Would you or do you do this? Why or why not?

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Um what? I in no way would be comfortable wearing jeans to bed so why would my kid? Not to mention, he's a sweater and only wears an undershirt and underwear to sleep. I have never heard of that before and honestly it's a big UGH factor to me.

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For my kids, no. They wear nighties or pjs every night. For me, if I am wearing pants and a tshirt that day I might just take off my pants and bra and sleep in the tshirt, but that is from the current day not the next day.

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Yeah I was a bit skeeved. I know I've let them stay in things if they fell asleep in the car...say a summer dress (like a nightgown) or sweats. I wouldn't do it all the time as it is not comfortable to me to sleep in my regular clothes.

Plus, wouldn't they be all rumpled looking in the morning?

My thought is, if you can't get your kids dressed in the morning on a daily basis you are either 1. Not waking up early enough and/or 2. have 15+ children.

Not in the article, but I know I've read before that people lay out breakfast the night before. Like pour cereal in bowls...and not cover them...ewww.

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Seriously if that's how you need to save time you are doing something wrong.

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Thats gross. Set the dang alarm for 5 minutes earlier, lay out their clothes the night before, and teach your children to dress themselves!

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One of the best things about living in extreme cold is I dont see a bug from Oct till Marchish, so the leaving out of dry cereal would be OK for me for part of the year, if I let my kids eat cereal.

Clothes to bed would be gross. Both my kids are sweaters. They would be soaked when they got up in the morning. Ewwww!!

The only one who gets to wear the same thing out in the morning that they wore to bed is the baby, and that is only if I am having a rough morning and wish I could stay in my PJs Smile I like to dress him the way I wish I was dressed every day.

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What???? That is so weird to me. It takes all of 5 minutes to get your kids dressed in the morning. I agree with a PP - every once in a while when T was a toddler and fell asleep in the car I would just carry him up and put him to bed in what he was wearing from that day (assuming it wasn't something uncomfortable to sleep in like jeans.) But it would never cross my mind to dress him for tomorrow at bedtime. Just....what???? LOL

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Where is this article? Would love to read it, it must be full of other awesome ideas. Yeesh.

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It was a link on another website I was reading and I can't find it now. I will keep looking.

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I don't get it either. I wear my gym clothes to bed, but I work out first thing in the morning and they are comfortable; it saves me on laundry. My kid doesn't have that issue. I'd hate for his clothes to be wrinkled and he sweats too. Currently he's refusing to wear pajamas in his own bed and will only wear the shorts when we are at other people's houses. I can't imagine what he'd say if I asked him to get dressed for school; he'd probably remind me that I constantly tell him he needs to dress for the activity we are going to and not what he wants to wear.

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There was a point when DD was about 2 when she would refuse to change her shirt in the morning, so she kept ending up in jammie shirts during the day. So I started putting her in her day shirt for bed. It was just easier. And she was only 2. Now that she has stopped being ridiculous in the morning she wears jammies to bed again.

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"AlyssaEimers" wrote:

For me, if I am wearing pants and a tshirt that day I might just take off my pants and bra and sleep in the tshirt, but that is from the current day not the next day.

I do this too. If I have been in a t-shirt all day and it isn't dirty then I might just sleep in it. My t-shirts do double duty as jammies or comfy day clothes anyways.

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The people who pour cereal into bowls at night must not have cats in the house. We don't let our cat on the table, but if she smells any food at all, even stuff she won't eat, she jumps up there to check it out anyway. If the table doesn't get wiped down really well at night, it has cat hair & paw prints on it in the morning. Yuck!

I usually sleep in whatever shirt I have on at night, because I always end up with the covers down too low & my top part gets too cold. I change it in the morning or I'd be all wrinkly & just generally feel gross. Tiven does take forever to get dressed in the morning but laying out clothes the night before didn't help because she either couldn't decide what she'd want to wear the next day, or she'd change her mind in the morning. Now I just set an alarm and when it goes off I'm dragging her out the door in whatever she's wearing -- or not wearing. I don't fight with her over clothes, but I don't let her make me late for work, either.

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Goodness, even in this cold climate, with the window cracked open and a fan on I can only sleep in undies and nothing else. I would sweat buckets otherwise. I think I've entered this peri-menopausal stage in my life where I'm having symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. It sucks. The only time in my adulthood that I wore pajamas is winter camping in a tent, at -20. I wore my pj's under my clothes all day so they wouldn't be cold at bedtime. Smile

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I do this when we leave for a trip early in the morning, like 4am or earlier. That way my kids can stay asleep.