West Memphis 3 (child death mentioned)

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West Memphis 3 (child death mentioned)


The case involves the murder and mutilation of three 8 YO boys back in 1993. Some say the teens who were convicted were railroaded. The case has been high-profile garnering support from celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Eddie Veder. In fact, the parents of one of the boys doesn't believe these are the ones who killed the children. There is speculation that the step-father of one of the boys is the one who committed the crime.

In 2007, the DNA recovered at the scene was tested and it matched none of the three who were convicted.

Anyway, 2 of the 3 may be released today. However,

A source close to the case said a deal is in the works where the men -- dubbed the "West Memphis Three" -- can be freed Friday and maintain their innocence.

The deal involves a legal maneuver in which the three men would have to acknowledge that the state has evidence it could use to try and convict them, the person close to the case said.

Thus, they may have to plead nolo contendere (no contest) in order to be released.

What do you think?
Are they guilty?
Should they plead no contest to get released or push for the new trial?
Should the man who was 18 at the time (sentenced to death) get released also or have his sentence reduced to life in prison?

(Damien Echols (the one sentenced to death) has a long history of mental illness. At his trial something like 500 pages of psych evals and treatment were entered into evidence. One of the doctors predicted he would progress to the killing of humans since he had killed animals. Not sure if that makes a difference in your opinion or not.)

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I saw this case on one of these crime shows, can't remember which one. I think they are all innocent and the step-father did it. I think they should take whatever deal they can that gets them released and try to move on with their lives.

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This one hits close to home. Media is crazy, we've had celebs here protesting for the releasal. I was young when this happened but since then I've been reading everything surrounding the case. It is obvious to me that they didn't have evidence to convict in the first place and these three were convicted only based on the fact that they were the outcasts in town.

I can't say guilty or not - based on the lack of evidence.

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I would need more info on the actual case and trial to give a real opinion on this... I'm gonna scower google lol...