What response *if* Russia involved in plane shot down

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What response *if* Russia involved in plane shot down

U.S. Presses Case Against Russia On Downed Jet (Huffington Post)

'What exactly are they trying to hide?' Obama and Ukraine leader rip Russia (CNN)

Outrage at Moscow grows over 'shambolic' Flight 17 investigation (Fox News)

Russia led missile attack on Malaysia plane (NY Post)

Due to investigation efforts being thwarted this question is still speculation - but as indicated by the sampling above, there does seem to be growing concern that Russia was involved in the Malaysian Flight 17 downed over Ukraine. IF a direct connection is made with Russia over this attack, what do you believe that the interational / U.S. response should be?

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I really don't know what the proper responce should be, but I did what to say that it is such a tragic situation. I can't imagine the senseless loss of life.

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We should never have let Russia take Crimea.. we are a joke.. IMO