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    All kids go to bed at 7pm and they are 8 years old to 11 months old.

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    10 yr old and 12 year old - they go to bed around 9:30 on weeknights, 10:30 on weekends. They get up around 7:00-7:30 in the morning for school, but sleep in on Saturdays.

    My 15 yr old is probably up way later than me .
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    I think part of it depends on when they need to wake up. Some of the public schools here start at 7:50am and some at 9:30am, but most, including Tiven's, start at 8:40am. One of my neighbors' kids go to a private school that starts at 7:30am, and it's halfway across town so they leave the house before 7am. I have my kids' alarm set for 7:15am and I want them out of bed by 7:30am. That gives them 50 minutes to get breakfast, get dressed, and get out the door for school. Weston (age 4) is in preschool and can arrive pretty much any time but I take him at the same time as Tiven (age 9) on my way to work.

    On school nights, bedtime is 8pm for quiet time & reading, and lights out at 8:30pm. Non-school nights, if their behavior & attitudes are good, they can stay up until 9pm and then it's lights out immediately. Right now, with the Olympics on, they are watching the Olympic coverage that starts at 8pm and I'm letting them stay up until 9:30 with immediate lights out. Weston hasn't napped in ages but now that he's staying up later for the Olympics, he's realizing that he needs more rest, and is napping about an hour every other day.
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    Thanks for the reply ladies

    I feel better after reading all the different bed times, less guilty. I have tried to keep her up later than 7pm but she gets grumpy and the later she goes to sleep, the earlier she wakes!

    She's up at 7am and leaves the house at 08:15 with her Dad for a 20 minute walk to school.

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    In bed around 7 and falls asleep between 8 and 8:30. I need to asked about his nap being shortened at day care because bedtime. Is getting hard some nikghts. Wednesdays will get difficult again now soccer is startikng as training finishes at 6 so we are straight up nearly half an hour behind. He wakes between 6 and 7 usually, weekends I let him sleep longer if he wants. We leave the house around 8am on weekdays

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    My kids are all up at 6am. The 3 and 6 go to bed at 7:30. The 11 year old goes to bed between 8:00 and 8:30 and the 14 year old between 8:30 and 9:00. My kids dont fight me on bed time either, often times they will go to bed on their own before bed time. My kids seem to need a lot of sleep
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