Wi-fi hotspots in national parks

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Wi-fi hotspots in national parks

Would you view the addition of wi-fi 'hotspots' within national parks (and other historic places) as a positive addition or not? (For the purpose of debate this is meant for ANY country's national parks.)

[h=1]Wi-Fi in the woods: Canada plans to install web hotspots across its national parks and historic sites[/h]

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Personally, I do not see why it is bad. You are at the Lincoln monument and you want to look up something about Lincoln, you have internet. You see an interesting snail that you want to identify you can then look it up. You want to take your office or school work outside into a beautiful park, then you can. I do not really see a negative to this. If you do not want to use the internet while at a park, then do not bring your devices with you Smile

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I think it is really nice in some remote places. In many remote areas you can't even get cell service, so having a hotspot where you can check in with family to tell them you are fine is a good thing. We have a family reunion at a camp near Yellowstone every 3 years and for a whole week it is pretty much no cell service. It is the same in Yellowstone National Park, but they have a cell tower near Old Faithful which is really the only spot in the area where you can get phone service, and I think they have a hotspot there too for Wifi. If you are camping out in the mountains for sometimes weeks at a time I think it is a good idea to have a way to check in with family members even for safety because something could happen to you on a hiking trail or something and no one would know that anything was wrong.

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I love this feature. When Dh was working on his 1st masters degree he would use hot spots to do homework. We could still camp and do things as a family, but he didnt fall behind. Now we can use our phones as hot spots so his second masters was easier. I dont see why anyone would be opposed?

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I have a friend who recently visited a cemetary( there were historical graves there) and it had wifi. I don't see the issue really. What would be great is if they had areas you could scan or whatever and watch info over your phone. At least let the wifi add to the exoerience if people wish

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This is just a 'business' decision in my opinion. They don't want anyone to be discouraged from visiting these places because they don't want to or can't go without an internet connection. I think national parks probably need these people that fall into this category to continue going to parks...because that group of people continues to get bigger and bigger.

So since it benefits the parks, I'm all for it....that way i can still go to enjoy the park, and just choose for myself whether i want to use my smartphone or not while I"m there.