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Thread: Will vs. Living Trust

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    We used WillMaker. It's a software program from Quicken (makers of Quickbooks accounting software) and Nolo (publisher of lots of legal advice books & websites). The software walked us through some basic questions about our life situation, we entered all the info about us & the kids & our assets & liabilities, and it filled everything out. The living trust is online but access is free with the will software, and the software includes other stuff like temporary guardianship papers, durable power of attorney, information for loved ones about where to find everything, stuff like that. It reflects the local laws of all states except Louisiana. We had the final documents reviewed by a local lawyer who charged us, I think it was $250 for everything and includes if we make changes within a year. We found him through the WillMaker attorney network that you get access to with the software. The cost was very reasonable and he gave us a pretty fast turnaround, which I appreciated*. He found two small mistakes that we had made, which we corrected, then we printed new copies, had them properly witnessed, sent copies off to a couple different people, and hopefully we don't need them for a very very long time.

    *My mom & stepdad were in the middle of setting up a living trust when he died. The lawyer had originally done it wrong and then dragged his feet on making the correction, and my stepdad died before it was done. Because he died intestate, it was a complete disaster, my mom ended up losing the vacation home they'd built together, my stepbrother & stepsister are no longer part of the family, just a complete disaster. I was so afraid of that happening, that we'd have finally taken the steps and then one of us would die before it was completed. I'm not normally the paranoid type.
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    Quoted for reference.


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    Quoted for reference.
    ? Yes Bonita, people can pm. You cannot talk about the content of pm"s. CONTENT. now I have my hot sexy on and I'm off to dinner so have a wonderful evening.
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