Oh the attitude!!

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Oh the attitude!!

Ok, Im about to lose it with wyatt! I dont know if it's the fact that he's officially 2 1/2 or that he's starting to catch on to the fact that a baby is coming but this boys attitude has got me going crazy. He' started screaming if he doesn't get his way and then kicking/hitting things or himself Sad I hate seeing him trying to hurt himself, yesteday he actually bit himself because he was so upset. I try and calm him down by distracting him, asking him to count to 5 or asking him to help me do something but I'm not sure what else to do. Any advice???

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If I catch Evie early in her tantrum, I just calmly ask her to use her words. If she hasn't got to wailing stage yet, I just wait and remind her a few more times to use her words, and she usually will use her words to tell me.

When she is right in the middle of the tantrum, I still do the hold her wrists thing and get her to look at me to calm down. Doesn't work as well as it used to b/c she moves fast now and it's hard to grab her wrists in the first place.

I have actually threatened to take her favourite things or not do favourite activities when she is running around and just won't listen. And then follow through when she doesn't, altho I will tell her at that point if she stops her bad behaviour and can be a good girl, or do what mommy/daddy asks for a while, then we might give it back to her.

We have also incentivized/bribed her if she stopped misbehaving and started behaving properly. I know this and the previous one are maybe not the best ways to deal with it, but I have to admit that it is effective - sometimes, it's the only way to get her to pay attention and listen to me.

With regards to hitting/hurting himself, my suggestion is let him (within reason of course, not dangerous or really damaging), then when he does hurt himself, instead of crying or being heart broken for him, I'd give him a hug but NOT give in. I would point out how this behaviour is really just hurting himself and not helping himself at all. Might take a few times of explaining this to him for him to get it, but he will. If hurting himself doesn't get a rise out of you or otherwise get attention from you, he will stop. This is what I'm thinking, but it really depends on if you think this will work for Wyatt.

Good luck! I always find it really hard when the kiddos get frustrated and would rather vent it out instead of talking about it.

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Thankfully Madison has been pretty evened tempered her whole life. She has recently started acting more two.

Ava on the other hand can be awful if her needs are not met. If she is over tired or hungry her mood can turn from good to horrid in a very short amount of time. Keeping her naps and meals consistent tends to help her stay in control.

If she gets out of control we usually send her to her room and ignore the behavior until she is calm. Once she destroyed her room during a fit, (She was around 2.5) and she had to clean up her entire room all on her own before she could come out. She hasn't destroyed her room since. Smile

Try to remain calm when he is having a fit, and then talk about it when he is finished. I think prevention is key, but that doesn't mean giving him everything he wants. Whatever you do always follow through with threats, don't threaten something you can't do, and don't give in to what he wants if he has a fit.

We also take things away for misbehavior and give them the opportunity to earn them back with good behavior. I don't have much advice other than that...

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Emily has an attitude too lately, she likes to talk back and not listen. I use bribery and taking her favorite things away and telling her she will go in time out. Did not have to put her in time out for a while but yesterday DH put her there because she just wouldn't stop. Lately she gets really possesive of her things or things she wants to play with so she starts to push or hit other kids. We had a playdate the other day with her friend and the little girl sat on Emily's little chair so Emy walked up and pulled it out from under her, poor girl fell on the floor. Today we had another playdate with another friend and comparing to that girl Emily is an angel. After today's playdate I will be cleaning up for days, she just destroyed half of my house lol ( the other kid not Emily).
I will have to put Emily in time out more and DH promised to help me more with her because since Evelyn was born I have to nurse the baby and she knows I can't run after her and I let her get away with things.