We had our big U/S!!!!

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We had our big U/S!!!!


It's a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG i'm so excited! We had the u/s last Thursday and DH wasn't sure if he wanted to find out so the tech was super nice and took the gender photo, put it in an envelope and sealed it for us. we couldn't wait long and we opened it that night :eek: I held it in all weekend so I could suprise my mom for mothers Day!

If you're my friend on Facebook please don't mention the sex yet. my MIL hasn't opened her mothers day card and the U/S pic is in it as a surprise LOL

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Fantastic news!!! I don't think I could have even waited that long. Yahoo

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Congrats, Kat! Smile

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So happy for you, Congrats!

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Congrats! If we ever have a third I really hope to not find out. If I can make it that long. Smile