WOW! Where are all the cupcakes??

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WOW! Where are all the cupcakes??

Really sad to see no new posts here in quite some time...

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I've been lurking but not really posting, I do post once in a while on January 2009 and in the Planning a Family grads but that's about it.

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me too. i used to check daily, but the board for #2 moved to a facebook group and it was easier to not log in twice!

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it's been quite a while for me. i lurk once in a while but haven't posted in a long time.

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We're still here. I couldn't log in or awhile, but I am going to try to be on more. Happy Birthday to all of the babies!!!

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I haven't been on this birth board for ages! I usually hang out on FB with Feb Cupcakes there. Smile

Randi, congrats on your pg! And everyone else, hope you are all doing well.

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Congrats on your pg, Sophia! I must have missed the FB info. Would love to friend the cupcake moms!