1st dentist visit

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1st dentist visit

So today we took Santannah for her first dentist visit. It was pretty uneventful but a positive experience. He's a pediatric dentist so had toys everywhere and the exam room is very open and large (no door just an arch). The staff played with the exam light and shinned it on her shoes, tummy, and finally arm before they examined her. Counted teeth, did a quick finger brush, felt her jaw, and took some pics of her teeth. Everything looked good no decay or cavities. Dentist said he saw no evidence she even had the bacteria to cause decay yet (apparently some kids get it as early as 13 months while others as late as 33 months). Best of all her two finger sucking has caused no damage to her teeth Yahoo

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Yay! thats awesome! Yea, we will be getting Lexi to the dentist here soon...Luckily she will be going to the dentist I have been going to so she already knows him and shes even been in there while they have worked on me. Ive always been really picky abt her teeth bc my neice and nephew have both had to have caps put on their front teeth bc their mom didnt brush their teeth like she should and they always went to bed w/a bottle.

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I'm glad to hear her teeth are good!! We took Dom around 18 months and I was sure it was going to be horrible, but it went easy too. Smile