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been MIA

I am trying to get back to the boards.

Here is an update on us
Myah had been tested for celiac( gluten allergy). Her test came back normal but since she is growing we are going to keep feeding her like we have been (gluten free). Myah started walking around 10 mos old she has yet to say her first word other than dada.

I still have my iud and it had gone missing right before xmas and after many appointments it was found and it was were it should be.

things have calmed a lot here myah is not such a needy baby anymore and I hav Tanner's diet under control finally.

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Great to hear from you...I'm so glad things are going well. They lost your IUD? Yikes, that must have been scary.

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glad Myah is growing, might as well stick with what works!

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Good to hear from you, sounds like you've had a few bumps in the road like all of us. Glad things are going well and Myah is growing up to be a big girl. How about some pics of the little sweetie?