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Birthday Suit

Ok people. I want opinions here. At what age do you think kids should stop seeing their parents naked? What about in underwear? How do you feel this differs with same gender / different gender parents? I'm just curious as to what's 'normal'.

My parents divorced when I was 4 and I have no real memory before that, so I don't really know. I sort of feel at 15 months K doesn't need to see either of us naked, but DH doesn't think it's a big deal.

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"Heatherbella" wrote:

My parents divorced when I was 4 and I have no real memory before that, so I don't really know.

I tend to agree with your DH. Kids don't remember much before 4 but it's totally something personal that depends on your comfortability level. Tannah is in the same room when I change and often goes in the bathroom when DH or I are taking a shower, to me it's no big deal. We even point out differences such as daddy has nipples mommy has nipples and breast, daddy has a hairy tummy mommy doesn't ect. Again it's totally what you feel comfortable with.

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Yeah I agree with your DH. DP takes Jack in the shower all the time when he needs a quick cleaning. I'm in the camp that a body is a body and nothing to hide. We were at the art gallery this past weekend and it was full of naked statues etc. I don't think parent's are much different, especially at this age.

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I say if your the same gender as the baby it doesn't matter what say like me if you have 3 boys I think 4-5 is the right age to no let them see you naked.

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I feel weird letting Micaiah see me naked but I don't mind if he sees me in a bra and underwear, but I don't walk around the house like that or anything! I definitely don't think Noel is at an age yet where it matters but I do remember w/ my mom that she didn't care if I saw her naked and vice versa probably up until my teenage years. And I remember taking showers with my dad up until maybe 6 or something?

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My DH is totally against the boys seeing me without clothes on after 18months to 2 years old but DS1, who will be 3 in July still sees DH naked. I think for the same sex it doesn't really matter. Heck I walked in on my mom bathing to ask her questions all the time when I was living with them but stopped doing so with my dad when I was 8. For me I feel uncomfortable having DS1 in the room while I am changing, he never sees me necked only with my under garments on. But that still makes me a little uncomfortable.

I think it's all a personal preference thing though and you and DH will always have a different opinion on this. I just don't let DS1 see me unclothed at all when DH is around that way i'm respecting his opinion, but when he isn't around I don't worry about it as much.

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I think its all about comfort level. I change in front of my girls all the time and I sometimes take a bath with them. My son is 7, so he only sees me in my undies first thing in the morn and then I get dressed.

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I agree with your DH that its too early to be concerned with K. But again, its all about comfort level. I stopped getting naked in front of my DS right about the time he asked me why I didn't have a wee-wee. But... every once in a while he still walks in on me in the bathroom or when I'm in the shower, and I don't make a big deal about it. He knows about "privacy" and I tell just tell him that mommy needs her privacy right now.