brought out the summer clothes finally

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brought out the summer clothes finally

It should really be illegal for a girl to own 24 dresses...I just picked up dresses that were cute on sale or at thrift stores...I ended up with mountians of them...:oops2:

I always end up having to much clothing for my kiddos...:p

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Aweeee! Looks great! I often have too many for K too. We had something like 14 3-6 month sized sleepers! ba ha ha!

I can't wait for K to start walking more...then we can break out the dresses. It almost feels mean putting her in a dress while she's crawling...especially when I see the dress tripping her up. I have a few patterns for dresses I want to sew her too. In a couple months when walking is 'the thing' I'm going to be ON it! Biggrin

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You can never have too many dresses! Although I'm one to not put her in them except for special occasions/church. If I find that I have too much of something, I give some to my friend who has a girl a few months younger than me. I know I will never need so much of one thing for another child so I pass it on! I'm an anti-pack rat. Biggrin

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Nice stash! I think Mila has maybe 5 or 6 that fit her right now, and they are all hand-me-downs or gifts. I need to buy more now that she is walking.

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I love dresses too and can not wait for summer! I bought DSD so many cute dresses at a garage sale last year and cant wait for Erykah to be able to wear them this summer!!