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Darn Ad

I wished preg.org would take this ad they have on the bottom of this board and stuff it...Not only does it never go away but it pops up blocking most of the posts everytime you open the page...it makes me not want to come on here becuase I am not sure what the gmc add is putting on my puter...please get rid of it preg.org..

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It is being looked into, and from personal experience I know it is worse on ipads and itouch, believe me, we all want it gone!

But from another mod, this is one solution for IE users:

Tools, at top of internet browser page
Internet options, at bottom of list
Security, second tab on top
Restricted sites, last logo on settings
Sites, click on tab
And add http://pshared.5min.com
It will stop the ad pop up and keep it away

Those with FireFox can download AdBlockPlus from your add-ons menu and right click the ad to select "block".

Hopefully it works for you and helps with the frustration

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ew...i just logged on and saw it....yes please get it gone!

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Yea, I can't read the posts or change anything. iPod user here. Sad really annoying indeed!!

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I hate it too. Annoying!