Favorite ______?

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Favorite ______?

Now that our sweethearts are getting a handle on their personalities,
What is your little man/gal's favorite:

Toy/thing to do?


Way to get your attention?

Word (right now)?

Cuddle thing (blankie, Teddy, paci)?

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Toy/thing to do? She love dino's...She also likes to climb all over:rolleyes:


Way to get your attention? Come over and start jabbering...if that fails pulling and putting her arms up while squeaking or saying "up"...if that fails...:crybaby:

Word (right now)? She told her brothers who were fighting " 'Ey...Cut it out!":p

Cuddle thing (blankie, Teddy, paci)?She loves blankies any of them and any stuffed animal she will pick it up and cuddle it...she has a blankie in her crib along with some stuffed soft dolls and a wind up giraffe that plays lullabyes.:cloud9:

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Toy/thing to do? right now play with Hess trucks and ride on the horse head on the stick. It is wide and when he tries to turn in the hall he gets stuck

Food? raviol

Way to get your attention? hang on my leg lol

Word (right now)?again and all gone are the biggies. We call it toddler drama: he hides hi feet and says "allll gone" Cookie is daily too bc he knows that dh has a stash

Cuddle thing (blankie, Teddy, paci)? binkaholic, he loves all stuffed animals and has confiscated a satin robe I am no longer permitted to wear. he will nap on it

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Toy/thing to do? Trains. She just got a Thomas starter set and another wooden train. Also, playing with my parents dog, Ginger. She's a 10 lb Pomeranian. A much better match then out 120 lb Doberman!!

Food? Any and all Fruit. Homemade chicken nuggets. Spinach nuggets.

Way to get your attention? "MMMOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!", or hanging on my legs

Word (right now)? No! (she just learned that one last week :rolleyes: )

Cuddle thing (blankie, Teddy, paci)? She has a paci at nap/sbed time. She also has a little blanket that my aunt knitted for her that we've been using in her crib for about a year now. Last week while we were in VT, packing to go home she FREAKED when I tried to fold and pack the blanket. I gave it to her and she layed on the floor. I then realized it was naptime for her. So I guess she likes the blankie!

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What is your little man/gal's favorite: Toy/thing to do? G I Joes! Really surprised me there. Smile He will pick up a toy every now and then but for the most part doesn't care about them. He likes cartoons now; Teletubbies, Elmo, Backyardagins, Fraggles

Food? Loves cheese best

Way to get your attention? Screaming I guess. Seth's not much for talking yet. He's starting to point to the things he wants a little better.

Word (right now)? Not too many here. He's been saying 'bah' a lot for ball lately.

Cuddle thing (blankie, Teddy, paci)? He is like Linus with his blankies. He doesn't have a favorite one, but he must have one when sleepy. He also can't part with a paci either.

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Toy/thing to do? Make messes! Taking all the shoes out of the basket, all the toys out, flipping through the books and throwing them out of the basket, etc. Also learned the word color (caca) and wants to do it every time she sees crayons but usually ends up just scribbling with one color and going to the next.

Yogurt and any kind of fruit

Way to get your attention?
Whine and hold her arms up to me

Word (right now)?
"Nack!" (snack) When I go in to her room in the morning she says "Mama! Nack!" and seems to constantly want to snack ALLL day long.

Cuddle thing (blankie, Teddy, paci)?
Definitely the paci. I'm trying to get her off of it during the day but she is sneaky and will find them laying around. She also likes a blanket when she sleeps and sometimes a baby.

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Toy/thing to do? She loves chasing our cats lol She will chase them all over the living room...they hate it but she thinks its a hoot. She loves playing w/this helicopter we got her...it comes w/four differently colored balls and when you put them in the helicopter it does different things.

Food? She loves Strawberries (strawbees) loves rice of any kind! She also loves spaghetti but makes a huge mess lol

Way to get your attention? She has gotten very whiney lately...not sure why but we are trying to curb it...mostly she will just say "Mama!"

Word (right now)? She loves calling the dogs by their names..Bella (Beda) Cuda (Duda) Cooper (Pooper) Hemi (Memi) lol

Cuddle thing (blankie, Teddy, paci)? She loves her little pug dog that is a Beanie Baby that is just her size to carry around...she also has a brown and beige blanket she carries around too.

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Toy/thing to do? Stand with his head on the floor, spin, bounce, motion, motion, motion. :rolleyes: When he does stop it's usually for books. Toy is a toss between a set of motorcycles and a helicopter, though anything with a spinny aspect (wheels, heli blades) is pretty high up there.

Food? Pasta and tomatoes, fries when he's allowed (ie grandma).

Way to get your attention? Another screamer here. :confused: Or hitting. Not ideal, but we're working on a sensory diet for him and it is bringing down the amount of head butting.

Word (right now)? "Dah" (done) is the only word he has right now (we've lost *everything*, we had to work to get that one back), so I guess it's the favourite. Sad He has made a couple new sounds in the last couple weeks, and he's getting consistent with "h" the last week or so. Not that a week means much here. Signing is working slightly better than speech, we have more, eat, drink, come, and all done but he does need a prompt.

Cuddle thing (blankie, Teddy, paci)? Me, specifically my hair. He's got some major sensory seeking stuff going on. We're trying to get him to be ok with a barbie for the hair, but it doesn't compare to mama so far. Barring that, anything squishie for the compression. Body pillows are awesome.