Food issues (again)

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Food issues (again)

Soo we are having food fights yet again. Santannah pretty much eats yogurt, milk, peaches, and cheese. On a good day bananas, cherios, grilled cheese,or quesadilla. On an extremely good day pancakes,sweet potato fries, and chicken nuggets. I have tried ignoring it, bargaining, not giving her anything else, letting her help fix dinner, earlier/ later dinner time, snacks (milk) before dinner no snack before dinner, I even resorted to no Mickey if you don't try .......she just won't eat anything else. I have given up and just give her what she wants since none of the items are junk food. I'll supplement with a Pediasure Sidekick on days were I feel she hasn't had enough (which is often). It's been over two months! She hasn't lost weight but hasn't gained any and just had a 1 inch growth spurt so she's pretty skinny. Should I be worried?Any suggestions?:help1:

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I hear ya on this one!! Seth's favorites are cheese, yogurt, and balogna. He HATES chicken and beef. Lol. Have you tried making a heathy yogurt smoothie and sneaking in veggies? I really want to, but haven't tried yet. Good luck. I would say, 'she'll grow out of it' but my 8 yo is even pickier. At least with him, I can say, just throw catsup on it. Wink I hope some people have some good ideas!

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I wouldnt worry...they all go through food eating sounds like your doing very well with feeding feed her very healthy meals...pedisure will help with what she doesnt eat.

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Yeah, they go through phases like that. I usually feed my kids stuff they like for breakfast and lunch since it's easier to pick out specifics and then they have to eat what we have for dinner. If they don't eat it, they just don't eat anything, although usually they will like at least part of what we have for dinner. I might just feed her what she wants during the day and have her try what you have for dinner at least. Then if she won't eat it, give her a Pediasure before bed.