holy fit batman!!!!

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holy fit batman!!!!

I am almost embarrassed to mention this but yesterday Julia had a whooper of fit yesterday...I have never seen a fit so bad...it was like the Apocalypse of fits! It started out becuase I took her Dads new phone out f her hands...she proceeded to head butt my left cheek bone digging her upper teeth in the very corner of my eye lid...Once I recovered form the pain and calmed her down I told her "You hurt mommies eye..owww...no-no." she proceeded to cry... every-time I told her my eye hurt she would cry..I now have a nice shiner...not!:confused:
Then later on that night she woke up after she wet herself so I changed her nappy and figured I would cuddle with her a bit...she proceeded to head but my other eye and start to kick and scream after that a few times...I told her I would put her back in her crib...she did it again and she went back in her crib where she called my name for 15 mins to a half an hour!!!
I hope its just a faze becuase wow...I fear for the future!:eek::confused::(

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Oh how I hate the head butting and the biting, and pinching, and clawing, but it's the kicking that really gets me. Both of them have this radar for my bad knee. :confused:

That said, it is good (I mean, not GOOD good, ykwim) that she cries when you say that she hurt you. The recognition that she doesn't want to hurt you is a good way to talk to her about it, and you can model how it is appropriate to touch/play with mama's face/hair.

Hope the shiner goes away quickly. Sad Yeowch,

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Holy cow Stef! I have no advice but just.... ouchie! I'm sorry she hurt you, and twice in one day! I have a bad feeling Seth is going to be a tantrum thrower too. So far, only screaming though.

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At my work (and home) we use extinction method for behaviors like that. Basically not showing emotion and ignoring the behavior (although with the hitting/biting I would make sure I was able to keep the child from getting to me). It's surprising how quickly this works, although it is harder to do with my own child than at work! lol (I'm an interventionist with kids 0-3 that have social delays.)

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Ow! That would def hurt! Lexi has gotten really bad about kicking when we pick her up when she doesnt want to be picked up. Its not too bad when shes not wearing shoes but when she is wearing shoes it can hurt!

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I like the extinction idea.Good luck!