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picture thread share

lets post any ol' pics we feel like together....it can be of your heartbreaker or of anything... so :help1:me out:p 'cause:worthless:!!!!

some Julia pics

passed out on the couch after waking up super early!


Mr alfalfa sprout(my youngest son)

IM A RED HEAD FINALLY...used to be black haired..

My xmas tree...my son made the star on the top after our angel broke!

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Julia is too cute! So she's doing well in her toddler bed? Looks like she could sleep anywhere! Wink
I'll have to post pics as soon as the holidays slow down. I DID update my siggy pic at least.

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Yes she can sleep anywhere when tired...but night time in her bed has ended up with her sleeping in our bed a few hrs of the night...nap time she does great:confused:
Thanks for posting...I thought everyone had abandoned ship!:ROFL:

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I haven't put any of my recent pics on the computer, but here are some from October and November.

Just lookin' cute:

Go Longhorns!

Punkin Patch

First Haircut

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Great idea! I love pics!!! Here are some of mine!

Enjoying cereal on the stool in the kitchen. She's obsessed with the stool and luckily hasn't fallen off yet.

Helping mommy assemble an Ikea purchase.

Cutting down our Christmas tree.

Christmas mailout.

One of the pictures from the above.

Santa visit!

First shortbread cookie.

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Christine, your kids are so so cute! What a beautiful family!
Heather, love the pics of K in front of the tree! We are about to get some stools for our counter. We'll see if Noel tries to climb them constantly!
Here are some I have. Unfortunately Thanksgiving and Christmas w/ my parents last weekend are on my dad's camera so I don't have them yet. Sad

Wearing a wreath

Decorating the tree

Our tree

Christmas pics