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Potty Tips

Who's doing potty stuff? Got any tips and tricks to offer?

K knows when she has peed now and often tells us...cloth diapers help for that.

Daycare says they start offering the potty at 18 months. I asked this morning and they said they haven't been with K but will start. She said they pretty much ask at each diaper change if they'd like to sit on the potty and give them the option. I think I'll do the same here. Any advice to offer? I know NOTHING about this...so fire away.

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Nothing here yet. Mila sits on the potty for about five seconds. She knows what it is for and she likes to sit on it, but she gets up immediately. I'm interested in hearing the responses.

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Daniel is daytime trained and holds it overnight. Our diaper of the day is first thing in the morning and that one is 50/50 if I can get him there in time. It's weird running a load per week just to deal with the smell/gross factor of keeping dirty dipes that long. I haven't actually put them together for about 3 weeks and I've still got plenty.

Personally we started with wake up times (morning and nap) - times they are *very* likely to pee. After that it was adding it into the transitions, before/after meals then every half hour or so after he got the idea of it. For D we started the 30 min after he started pulling off his diapers to go on the floor and bringing me the diaper to put back on. Now he can go 2 hours unless I've given him a lot of liquids or a bath, out and about included. Oddly he has no problem with public restrooms, he giggles when people use the hand dryers. :rolleyes:

I differ the praise/incentive for each of the boys. Calm quiet good job when Patrick was training, Daniel loved the loud whooping and potty dances/songs. lol
Big incentive were books, The Potty Book is a fav (they have one geared toward boys, one toward girls) for both of them. Patrick liked Diapers Are Not Forever, Daniel liked Elmo Goes Potty and Potty Time for Monsters (sound books).


P-O-T-T-Y to B-I-N-G-O (___ had to pee, so they went to the potty, etc)


We're Going to the Potty
We're Going to the Potty
We Pee and We Poop
When We Go to the Potty
We're All Done Potty
We're All Done Potty
We Peed and We Pooped
Now We're All Done Potty

I've heard sticker boards work well, but it didn't here.

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Amanda, I love your ideas! My PT experience has been awful with Drake so I guess I am dreading it with Seth too. Seth is sooo hard to communicate with b/c of lack of verbiage. BUT, you ladies have me thinking about potty buying now. What kinda potty do you guys use?

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Yes, great tips! Thanks Amanda!

We have the pink Baby Bjorn potty. They aren't cheap but we used a gift card.

I picked up a potty book yesterday too...one she will only get while on the potty.

We haven't really done any work yet though...

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Babysitter's going to let her run around w/ no pants on... ha, ha, ha! no, seriously.

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We have regresed in this area sice I went back to work. Daycare does not stress it till at least 2. She does still tell me but after the fact. We also know the difference between poo poo and pee pee now. We have the Fisher Price princess potty and step stool. She loves the potty but was not a fan of the sound effects. She's shown some interest in the big potty so I might get a seat for that. At Christmas break I think I'll push a bit, Tannah doesn't like feeling wet or dirty so I think I'll ditch the diapers and buy either Pooh or Minnie panties she'll want to keep them pretty and c,ean she hates messes Blum 3

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We had this one for M and I loved it:
Walmart usually carries them too.

I don't like pushing them until they're ready. Sometimes I put Noel on the potty and she has noticed herself peeing a few times, but I'm just not one to train if they can't pull their own pants up yet. I know it will get done earlier, but it tends to take longer, and I would just rather change diapers than deal w/ trying to put her on the potty and take the diaper off and on, etc. Just my two cents!

Oh and stickers worked really well with M! He liked having some sort of concrete reward and we started with candy, but it was getting too unhealthy. Wink

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Dom hasn't gotten the hang of pulling his pants up/down yet, so I haven't thought about it. In school (I was a human development major) they talked about the brain not being developmentally ready before the age of 2 (although there are always exceptions because everyone is different) but my own son just hasn't really shown any interest other than occasionally peeing in the potty before bathtime. He has been becoming increasingly interested in seeing what Mom/Dad are doing in the bathroom though. Smile