Potty Training

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Potty Training

Am I the only one not actively potty training??

Ha, ha! The timing of returning to school sucks, because she's just starting to seem really, really interested, but I'm not sure the babysitter will try it.

And I do have to remember that Ellie & Noel are the young ones, right? Ellie doesn't turn 18 mos. until Friday!!

Somebody please tell you aren't potty training!

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no I will wait until he is about 2 and more verbal. He is not ready. My other kids set the bar high by being out of diapers by 2 1/2 but Matt won't be around other kids for long periods as they were. That was a plus of daycare- all the kids were doing it Smile I find they do better when it is their idea and I have no desire to pull my hair out until he is ready

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No potty training here. Erin just turned 18 mos on saturday. And she hasn't expressed any interest in it.

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I'm the only person in D's age group at playgroup, so I wouldn't feel like an oddball, Freya. Smile I wouldn't have if Daniel hadn't started taking off his diapers to go on the floor - it seemed like a moot point to argue him back into diapers just to argue him out of them again. :rolleyes:

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No potty training here. She has started to recognize when she's peeing though. After Vegas we might start sitting her on the potty at each diaper change. We'll see. I have a lot to learn on this topic.

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William hasn't showed much of an interest other than sitting on the potty chair for a few seconds at a time. We aren't forcing it yet, as I can tell he just isn't ready. We actively started training DS1 at 2 years old and he is fully day trained but night training still hasn't happened yet. Every once in a while we hear him get up and go to the potty but that's once in a great while that that happens. So I think we will probably start actively trying with William at 2 years old as well. Save stress on us.

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Nothing here either. Sometimes she sits on the potty b/c she sees her brother doing it. But I just put the little potty away so M can use the big one so that will probably hinder her from anything. It's just too much work to try when they're this young, IMO. I mean, they can't even pull their pants down.

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Seth is far far away from the potty training topic. It took DS1 a loooong time so I'm anticipating the same with Seth. Wink

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Unless they are showing interest, I learned in school not to bother until after 2. Dom could care less about toileting, so we are not doing it here either. I sit him on the toilet before his night time bath only because he urinates like clockwork. other than that I dont. Smile