Sandals for summer

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Sandals for summer

Ladies, have you found a good pair of sandals for your LOs feet yet? I keep trying and trying different ones for Seth and they always seem to rub him somewhere. Sad He has wide feet too so that makes it hard to find ones that fit right. Share brands that have worked for your LOs please! I need some new leads! Lol

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I bought Julia sneaker sandals and a pink flowery 4 buck pair at walmart...they both are doing good.

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Matt has XW feet so we hit the stride rite outlet. I love love love their angler closed toe leather sandal. My 10 year old is devastated they don't come in his size any more. I have fat footed boys! They are flexible, breathable and I throw them in the wash when they get gnarly. Matt has an old pair of Nick's and they are still going strong. I am glad I saved them

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I need to go try Stride Rite. I usually like those but I haven't made it to the store lately. The ones Mila has now are not working, she has two pairs that keep falling off her feet. They aren't too big, just don't fit right.

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Have you tried crocs? I got a pair for Erin on a discount website for $12 I think. They are a little big on her, but they work. They go on/off easy and wash clean in the sink. Her feet so get pretty dirty though, but I guess that would happen with sandals too.

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We got Lexi a pair of pink Nike sandals that work pretty well..they are little big front to back though so she takes them off all the time lol. they arent easy to clean though so we are looking for a different pair.

@Deirdre...I think i will look for some crocs for Lexi, thats a really good idea!

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I have a pair from The Children's Place and they work fine. Stride Rite would probably be good too; I think my friend has some from there.

ETA: Oh and we have some Crocs too but yep, they make their feet really dirty and smelly so I don't use them as much.