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Is anyone else's LO doing sign language? I wasn't going to bother teaching it to K but daycare does it so I figured why not! She initially learned 'more', 'food' and 'drink' which is SO helpful. I would never have known when she was hungry or thirsty if it weren't for that. She tells us a lot. I have been working on 'help' with her and the other day she started her version of the sign. It's good because quite often she tries to do something beyond her ability and gets frustrated. Now she is doing awesome with asking for 'help'.

What signs does your LO know? I'm trying to think of useful ones to teach K. Maybe 'sleep' or 'please'?

I've decided baby sign language is way more useful than I ever thought it would be!

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Noel sometimes does "more" but I haven't worked with her too much on it. I know I could do some others though. I've done "help" before because she will just whine if she needs help.
My friend's boy is a slow talker and knows a TON of signs. He does "please" and "thank you" and some animals like "dog" and "cat." "Sleep" might be a good one to do too! Maybe some food ones that she really likes like "cheese" or "cracker" or "milk" and "water"?
I only did "more" and "all done" with M because he learned to talk soon enough that I didn't need to do others. I think it depends on the kid.

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I treid signing with my kiddos but I end up stopping...JUlia has her own cues I have learned so I know what she wants...she puts her arms up if she wants help,puts her arms up and starts grabbing if she wants more,she fusses if shes in the need of something....
K sound slike shes a smart cookie!

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Jack learned a couple at daycare, "more", "all done" and I think "help", but his actual words are coming along really well and he usually will just say the word. If he's adamant though, he does say 'more' and do the sign at the same time. This week he's learned to say 'all done' so he uses that and 'down' or 'up' to let us know when he's finished.

Watching them sign is pretty amazing though, isn't it?

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Erin has been learning her signs for some time now. It seems she gets a bunch all at once. First is was more, baby, and milk. Then water. Now she also knows, banana, sign (for her signing DVD), please, bath, ball, and I think she's signing fruit. Some of them are the same or similar motions for her like bath/please, water/fruit, and banana/sign so you kind of have to figure out what she's asking for.
I've been working on help for some time now, but she just doesn't get it. She just screams still.....

But good for all of your LO's!!!!!

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Mila knows a few but I need to work with her more on it. She seems to be learning them pretty easily now. Except sometimes she will use them when they don't make sense, like signing "more" over and over while I'm changing her diaper? But she does know the signs for eat, more, all done, milk (when she wants to nurse), bath, and ouch. Help is a good one, I should teach her that one.

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We use a lot of sign language in my classroom with the toddlers. We seem to use "gentle" and "sit" a lot though. ROFL We put up a whole bulletin board of signs that we use on a daily basis and sent home some for parents to practice with as well.

Afew weeks ago, I bought the American Sign Lanuage alphabet strip for the classroom at Scholar's Choice for $15 and put it up in the book center while the children were sleeping. I was surprised to see some of the kids trying to make some of the signs when they woke up. So, now when I sing the alphabet with them, I'll do the signs with my hands and afew of them have caught on already. Biggrin