26 week belly/Halloween Belly!!

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26 week belly/Halloween Belly!!

So for halloween I went as a cat and painted my belly like a fishbowl; which was hard because I was doing it in a mirror and lets just say my artistic skills are lacking when I cant see what I am doing lol!

Anyway here is my 26 week painted belly! [Idk why they are all so small I'll fix it tomorrow!!]

The beginning

After an hour of standing in a mirror and breaks to let the paint dry


Close up of belly

Now its your turn!! Lets see those tummies!

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Wow!! That is way cool! I like it! I need to take some pics...but mine won't be all fancy and decorated..he he!

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cute! was your belly freezing t-o-t'ing?

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Awww that was soo cute!! We didn't do halloween this year due to that fact we were traveling back to NC. We made it home about 930pm on halloween. I was scared the kids would get mad at me this year because since we have bought the house, we have always been the really cool house with all the good candy. I love to see all the little kids dressed up and give LOADS of candy up. I dress up and force hubby to as well hehehe.

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"ourfirstblessing" wrote:

cute! was your belly freezing t-o-t'ing?

Haha I didnt notice at all. The rest of me was well bundled, I wore leggings with sweats on top and a long sleeve shirt and then took my old witch costume and wore it over and tucked it around my belly for the tattered look around the fish bowl lol

Kaylee adored it. She kept saying how cute baby Rowan was lol (:

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SOOOO cute! Mine wasn't quite as creative- I had a shirt that on the belly said "I'm dressed up as my mom"- that's it!
Again, CUTE!

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Awwww I love it!!!! Smile

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Thanks Ladies (: