3 and counting!

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3 and counting!

There is a rumor going around the hospital that is you wanna get pregnant, come to our floor. I believe the count is now at 9 or 10 of us preggo on one unit. The count so far is....1 boy and 3 girls. Even at work the girls are winning lol:D

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That is too funny! Can I ask what you do on the floor? I can't remember are you an RN?

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Lol! I hope I find out mine is a girl on Monday!

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Too funny! I guess like AF, pregnancies like to sneak in together! lol

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lol, how funny! I bet that makes for an interesting work environment, haha! Go team PINK! Biggrin

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WAIT...make that 4 girls to the total and 1 boy...plus one of the ladies in the social work office is having twins....Now the running joke is...don't be the last to drink the water!!!I work in the hospital on the heart unit.