Abnormal 10 week ultrasound?

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Abnormal 10 week ultrasound?

Hello, I haven't joined this board because I got pregnant very much by surprise with this baby (our 4th) and I had just come to terms with it. Yesterday, I went in for a dating u/s and measured 10w4d. I waited over an hour in the exam room afterwards to see my doctor, but he was called away for two emergencies and I ended up having to leave the office. He called me personally about an hour after that and asked me to come back in two weeks for another u/s as there appears to be a fluid filled space at the back of the baby's neck that measures 3.6mm. I went from being so happy to feeling like I've been punched in the stomach. I'm so worried that something is wrong now. I can't eat and I'm so anxious. I'll be 12w4d for the next u/s to do measurements again. I've been reading that many women get false results and worry for nothing in the end. I can't tell you what this has done to me. I feel devastated at the thought that something could be wrong with our baby. I'd appreciate any words of encouragement.

In the past, I've only had an 8 week and 16 week scan, so I'm not familiar with looking at a 10 week baby. I'm putting up the u/s picture. Honestly, the space that they're talking about looks like the amniotic sac to me and I don't understand how that could be part of the baby's head? It's a very faint line to the right of the head...more like white dots. It looks the same under the baby's feet...more white dots. I can't believe I have to wait 13 more days to get more answers. The wait is terrible and I wish I would have never gotten this u/s. I understand that a true NT test is done by a specially trained technician and I don't think my doctor's u/s tech fits that criteria, but I'm not sure.

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You are before the timeframe where the measurement is accurate and unless your dr's u/s tech does more than 10 nuchals a week, I would say they aren't trained.

Even with a higher than normal measurement, it is only a risk factor. 90% of the higher measurments turn out to be normal. Are they doing the blood test at the same time?

Good luck.

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I agree with the above post. I can't see the photo, and I am not an expert on nuchal scans but I have had 2 of them and have done some research since my first NT scan came back abnormal. Yes, that is a large measurement for a nuchal fold at this point, but I believe the amount of fluid at the back of the baby's neck gets smaller as time goes on, that is why there is a specific time frame in which they need to meaure it, which as danifo said, you are too early to be doing that. I have never heard of an OB doing a nuchal measurement anyway, those are usually done by a perinatologist (maternal-fetal medicine doc). I'm sorry you're having to go through this...I hope you get good results at your next u/s.

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I agree.. its a bit too early to do the NT scan.. usually between 12 weeks and 14 weeks

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I'm sorry for all of the worry you're going through, but hopefully it'll be just as the other ladies have said, and everything will be fine!
Also, congrats and welcome!

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Hoping all will be well! I have no experience with NT scans, so have no suggestions/advice, but i can understand ur anxiety. Try to stay positive and take care of urself meanwhile. happy & healthy vibes ur way~~~~

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Thanks for the replies. I'm doing better this week. 9 days to go until the u/s now and I'm trying to be positive.

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Are you having the blood work that goes with it?

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Best of Luck Smile GreaT BIG hug for ya... (HUGS)