AF Still hasn't showed.

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AF Still hasn't showed.

I tested BFN on Saturday (CD 31.) I am now officially 'late.'
When do you all think I should test again? The one month that I don't chart and THIS happens..grr.

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That figures, huh? I would start testing every other day until either AF shows or you get a BFP! Your HCG is supposed to double every other day so just to be safe, that's where I'd start. Any symptoms??? I hope this is a good sign!

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GAH! I agree with Mandy. I would just test every other day or so. I hope this is your month!!

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Ooo TEST TEST TEST lol (: I agree with the other two, test every other day until BFP or AF GL!

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Yes yes yes...test!!!!!!
Sending baby dust and BFP vibes your way!!!!! Smile

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Good luck Mindie!

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Good luck Mindie! I agree with the other ladies....test Smile