All aboard the BD express!!

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All aboard the BD express!!

I really can't decide what is *best* in terms of TTC. Some people (and doctors) will tell you every other day, some will say as much as possible, etc. I'm going to O this week (most likely Wed or Thursday) so I think I have just decided we're doing it every night this week. Cover all the bases, so to speak. That' 6 or 7 nights in a row, which is a lot even for me! Wis me luck!

Also, I'm curious to hear opinions on which method is better. We don't have any low sperm count issues (that we're aware of) so my brain says 'more is better.'

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My doctor said three times a week, but personally we do day before peak, the two peaks then two days after one day break and then least thats when its worked for us.
We use the clearblue monitor so that helps and i take opks so that i can get the timing of when the peak wil be.
I don't think its a case of better methods its what works for you...we need to be stocked up as such to make sure that eggie gets bombarded as my eggs are

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I like your plan. That is the same plan we are doing. Just do it every night that way you know you did it on the right day. Hopefully we are in the clear since DH is out of town tonight. But after 5 straight nights of BDing I think we are good. Good luck to you!!

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We BD 4 days in a row around O time. We BD 3 days before O and then the day of O.

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I am on the same plan as you! I will hopefully O this week (I am a late O'er) and we started the everynight thing last night. I am with you the more the better Smile We don't have low sperm counts issues that I am aware of.

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I believe more is better if there are no sperm issues. I think they just tell you every other day in case there are sperm issues.

It's always worked to get me pregnant (now my issue is not ovulating UGH)

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*lurker* I know it sounds crazy, but the last two times I've gotten pregnant have been a one-maybe-two BD right around O. When I did SMEP, it didn't work for me. I might be some kind of weird phenomenon, though. Smile

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The first time I got pregnant, it was a complete surprise but we dtd only once around O time, though I didn't know I was near O. The second time though, I got a positive opk and bd'd that night and the next morning and got a bfp 11 days later. Last cycle, I followed the SMEP and it didn't work out for I really don't know!

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"yellow.rose.of.canada" wrote:

*lurker* I know it sounds crazy, but the last two times I've gotten pregnant have been a one-maybe-two BD right around O.

Same here. I don't temp or OPK, but for all 3 times I've gotten pg we've done it once, maybe twice during my guesstimated O week. It's worked for us so I have no plans to change it, plus DH's work schedule would make it impossible to DTD every day or even every other day.

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