Also an uneventful appointment!

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Also an uneventful appointment!

I had another appointment today- weight- up 3 lbs :(, bp fine. Doctor found the heartbeat almost right away- was in the upper 160s! He also said where my uterus is reaching to I'm measuring more about 14-15 weeks, but he isn't concerned because I'm very short (5'0") and its my second. All in all a great appointment and we scheduled my next one for just over 5 weeks out so I'll be 18 weeks and we can do the anatomy ultrasound, so that'll be September 2nd! (We will be on team green again though)

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Sounds like a great appt!! I know how you feel about the weight gain Sad I am up about 3 or 4 lbs and am not liking it! Yay for finding the heartbeat super quick! Whenever I use my doppler this babe is in the 160-170 range! My other 2 were always in the 150s. Yay for Team GREEN!:D

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yay for a great appointment! As for the weight, I told them to not even tell me. I don't know my starting weight and I don't care to know my weight for the entire thing. They just tell me to watch what I eat if it's getting up there. lol