Am i crazy?

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Am i crazy?

So me and my hubby decided that he needs to go on a mission trip to mexico this winter. The catch is it is 10 days after my edd! Our church is sending many groups to mazaltan mexico to do work /serve in about 6the orphanages. The group that goes in february is a mens only group that will be doing a lot of hard labor. My hubby is an electrician and a builder (currently building our 2nd home) so he is perfect for the job! We just felt like this was something that was really importnant. So now I just have to pray I don't go too much overdue! I am not thinking I will (was 4 days early with #1 and just 2 days late with #2) but there is always the chance! Of course if I did happen to go past 8 days overdue he wont be going on the trip. My mom will only live 1 mile away (assuming we are in our new home) and my inlaws our 5 miles away so I will get tons of help when he is gone for the 6 days. Am I totally nuts for thinking this will all work?? For me the transition from one to two was super easy so I am hoping going from two to three will be easy too!

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Wow!! That's insane haha. But it's also very wonderful at the same time. I am sure things will work out, plus if your mom can help that would ease things off of you a bit!

My dad always tells me going from one to two is easy but two to three is the hardest!

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Two to three was a very easy transition for me. I think you'll do just fine!

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You guys are ambitious- its great!
I think that you're supermom- maybe part ninja even- so you'd do great! Plus in the long run its not THAT much time- so I'm sure you'll do great!

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I would never let my DH do that! I totally need his help in the early weeks, even if it is to entertain the kids for a couple hours while I take a nap. Sleep is so precious early on! But it sounds like you do have other help around (which I don't) so it might be fine if grandma takes Ethan and Lola for a bit. At least it's for a good cause. I remember when DH wanted to go on a business trip to California when I was pregnant with DS1. I wouldn't let him, and I was nowhere even near my due date. I think part of it is I don't like being alone at home.

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Going from 2 to 3 was hardly a blip on my radar. Also, how long will DH be gone? (Edited to add that I just saw and 6 days is no biggie) And you have family close by. But, if its something God is commanding him to do, I believe you will be blessed for it Smile

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We do really believe God really wants this so we can't fight that! Lol Honestly I was thinking about it more and he will only be taking a few days off work after I have the baby (he doesn't get ANY paid time off) so really he would be back to work anyway so really it is just the dinner/night time where I will feel the effects of him being gone. I see my only issue being that I will be extra tired while trying to take care of everyone. I but that is where my placenta pills come in Wink

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I think it's always wise to just go with what God's plan is and let Him have control. And I think that trusting that, is NOT crazy but in fact very wise. Deviating from His plan often results in disaster anyway. God will take care of you while your DH is away. He always does.

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I agree, I think you will be fine. You have family close by and it's a short period of time. You are not crazy my dear. Not at all. Smile