Anatomy Ultrasound 2 [Pic heavy!]

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Anatomy Ultrasound 2 [Pic heavy!]

We had our second scan today. Rowan is still a boy (: I said it would have SUCKED if he shapeshifted into a girl because we just got rid of the last of our girly stuff. haha

He weighs 1.5 lbs and super long! He finally showed us his whole face, and he looks JUST like Kay at her U/S! Same nose and mouth and daddys big forehead. He was laying transverse and I knew he was because I felt him do a super flip last night from sitting like buddah to laying down. Then during the U/S he went from his head on my right to his head on my left and 90% of the time was facing my back and would occasionally face up towards my chest.

-Kidneys-a little small but functioning well
-Heart-small spots still there most likely tiny holes but the blood flow is not interputed [will find out the full results next Monday]
-Head-Big ol' noggin on this kid lol. :eek:
-Body-Measuring a week ahead

Over all we have a healthy little boy who may or may not have a small hole in his heart and 2 calcium deposits on his heart as well but the HB is still strong and if he needs surgery it most likely can wait until he is a few weeks old! Smile We are so happy and now that we know what to prepare for I feel much more confident!


Still a BOY

Sleepy boy

Sucking Thumb/Wrist


Sucking Thumb 3D


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LOVE the pics! I'm glad the ultrasound went as well as could be and that you feel better prepared! So awesome that the blood flow is good in Rowan's heart! I hear you on the big head thing- at the end Ronan's head was measuring 4 weeks ahead of his body- and now it's in the 99.79%!!!! Will you have more ultrasounds?
Again, I'm so glad to hear about your ultrasound!

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"RonanTheBarbarian" wrote:

Will you have more ultrasounds?
Again, I'm so glad to hear about your ultrasound!

I think she said we will have one or two more depending on the 'final' decision of my OB and the baby Cardio man lol

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Awe, the pics are cute. Good to hear that you feel much better about what to prepare for. Sounds like it isn't anything serious. Btw, my boys all had big heads too, ha! Thanks to my hubby. It was so much fun pushing them out let me tell you! This one has an average size the ultrasound tech said, but I'm not buying it! Ha!

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awww great pictures!!!

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Fantastic photos!!
I'm so happy the hear your ultrasound went relatively well!

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That is an AWESOME u/s!!! If there is a hole and it is small they may not have to do anything to it. Some holes close on there own and some are just small enough and don't interfere with the hearts function.

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So glad that the u/s went better than expected! Hope those holes just close on their own and no surgery is required! He looks like he is going to be a cutie! Hope they can give u more answers when u get the full report.

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great pictures! glad things look pretty good and you've gotten some answers. what a relief

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LOVE LOVE the pics the profile ones are just amazingly beautiful Smile

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very Cute pics Smile Thanks for sharing