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Before I was so ready for this kid to be out, I am quite uncomfortable. However, I am now super anxious about labor and delivery. Not real sure why as I've done this a few times before and am usually quite excited about it all.

It felt like I had an eternity left and now I am panicking, only a week give or take left. I mean, he could come today, I am so not ready!

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I sort of panicked about my repeat section at the last minute but kept reminding myself I did it before, and that I was going to meet my baby! I bet once you go into labor you'll be more excited than nervous, right?? GOOD LUCK!

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Man I hope so! I think I am just so not ready to have four kids. How in the world am I going to do that??????

I'm scurred!

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Once you go into labor you are finally going to meet the little sweetie who has been baking away in there and all your anxiety will fade away!

Good luck momma

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This is baby 6 for me and I too feel some anxiety. The somewhat uncomfortable practice contractions aren't helping at all either.

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I'm not ready yet either. I still need to pick up some kind of important things before this little guy arrives.
I think feeling anxious is totally normal no matter how many babies you have. This is baby #3 for us and I'm more anxious this time around