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Anyone Else

So dam tired all the time anyone else feeling this? I feel like I could sleep for months and I nap it still isn't enough for me :eek: Still having sickness going on too umm when will this all go away?

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I meant to add that I know I shouldnt be comlplaining I should be happy I am pregnant don't get me wrong I SOOOOO AMMMMM but just feel so down and out right now

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My fatigue is a lot better than it was- but is still there a bit (probably doesn't help having a 7 month old...)
Just keep thinking of the good things over and over and over!
But really I hope it passes quickly for you and you start feeling more human soon!

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I started feeling better around 12 weeks, but I still feel like I could nap about half way through the day! Doesn't help having a hyper toddler running around lol

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I'm still pretty tired too and I felt ill this morning.
12 weeks is right around the corner for both of us so I hope that's the magic number. It's rough chasing around a 4 year old who doesn't nap and a 21 month old sometimes!

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I'm not as tired as I was early on but I did notice that my "morning sickness" came back but only at night lately. I get yucky feeling and it's worse when I'm at work. Hospital smells don't help :confused:

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i sleep/could sleep a lot! thankfully my hubs is wonderful about it and on his days of (3days a week, i'm spoiled) i get to sleep in. it's delightful. i have always been like this though so preggo or not i'm tired. i've had my blood tested and thyroid tested etc and there is no real 'reason' so eh. As for the morning sickness, a lot of people experience it taper off near 14 or so weeks, hope that's true for you!