Anyone else?

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Anyone else?

I haven't been able to keep anything down for almost a week, last night I finally kept some toast down. I've been to l&D, they gave me fluids but can't really do anything else. It sucks quite a bit.

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No bueno!
I have to eat smaller amounts more often or I feel really sick. Hopefully this doesnt last too long for you.

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oh no that really stinks! i hope it passes for you. i am def down to smaller meals. if i even eat a little too much i feel awful the rest of the day!

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I'm living off of crackers and toast Sad What does stay down comes out the other end violently. Boy am I ready for this kid to come! Only 7 more weeks, ack !

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Aww sorry to hear. I notice major heartburn Sad this little gut better have alot of hair Smile I try now to eat smaller meals as well Smile