Is anyone else planning on another babe??

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Is anyone else planning on another babe??

So hubby and I initally thought about waiting a year before TTC again, but then I was like Ehh I could have another in 9months and be cool with it lol then a few days later he said the same thing. We agreed NO BC, and we wont be trying persay but we also wont be preventing either. I think while bfing I should be okay...I didnt start Oing until Kaylee was 8ish months old.

Anyone else as crazy as we are?? Blum 3

Is anyone planning on another at any point in the future?

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Derek and Daniel are 364 days apart ....
But sadly, Daphne is it Sad

Dh is getting snipped. But then again, he is the master procrastinator ya never know.

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LOL I am so glad I'm not the only crazy person. I was seriously leaving the NICU talking about being pregnant again..crazy huh? I loved being pregnant and love having her. I would like to have a little boy but will take another girl in a heartbeat. We aren't using anything because it was so hard to become pregnant without Infertility help. I have already joked about being pregnant already since we started DTD at 3 weeks out.

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Ashley we had the same idea this last time as we had a hard time getting dd#2. We did the no BC not trying and not preventing and when dd#2 was exactly 8 months old (to the date) I got prego with this one. Smile