Anyone else's SO have sympathy preggo brain?

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Anyone else's SO have sympathy preggo brain?

I swear, my husband has worse preggo brain than I do. Yesterday he stopped at Costco with a list. Head and Shoulders 2 in 1, Tide original powder, and a gal of skim milk. He came home with straight H&S- no conditioner(we both use it) Tide HE mountain spring (we don't have an HE washer and I've got a contact allergy to the chemical in Mountain Spring-which he has known for years), bread, frozen OJ and no milk. Today he stopped at a hobby store to exchange a Thomas the Tank toy he bought for DD that she already had for one she wanted. After calling twice to ask which engine she wanted, he brought home the Early Engineers version for 18+ mo. It fits on the track, but not in tunnels, the shed, or the Steam Works because they are chunkier.

So tomorrow, if he can find the Costco receipt(which he has also misplaced-he a fanatic about reciepts so this is wierd) I get to brave Costco on a Sat morning. And I hate going there on weekends. Then stop at the educational toy store and buy a new engine for dd because the hobby shop is about 45 min away and Heaven only knows when dh will get back over there. This is sooo not what I'd planned for my Sat morning.

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oh that would drive me insane. he gets some points for going to costco for you but really!!! my hubs has gained some sympathy weight LOL!

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Hopefully it clears up after you have her Smile Did you got to costco?