Anyone feel like sharing and laughing? Old wives tales

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Anyone feel like sharing and laughing? Old wives tales

So, I know we are continuing to get new ladies and BFP's. YAY!!! Congrats to us all Smile I thought while we continue to wait for our board to start hopping, maybe you'd be interested in sharing any old wives tales you've heard or learned over the years?

There's an old wives tale that says if you climb over your spouse while in bed during pregnancy, you will pass morning sickness on to him.

Hehe Smile

Share what you know ladies.

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If you're having a boy you'll look better yourself (better skin and hair) whereas if you're having a girl you'll look worse (acne, losing hair) because girls steal your beauty!

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My MIL tells me I'm having a girl b/c I have been craving strawberries.

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What is it about the heart beat rate?? I can't remember but I know there is an old wives tale about it being a boy or girl based on heart rate. I used to believe it in a way, until it was proven wrong by my u/s,lol! Is it something like 130-150 is a boy but 160 and over is a girl? Someone refresh my memory.

Here's another one.

If you walk under a horses head, you will go into labor right away. My parents had race horses before I was born and after as well. One day while pregnant, my mother was talking to her horse and petting his head, she then walked under his head and her neighbor had been outside and saw this across the field. This lady came running and screaming at her to get out from under that horses head cause now she was doomed for early labor.

She didn't go into labor because of this,lol!!

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Oh my grandma is THE BEST for these. She's serious and when I laugh, it makes her mad.

*Don't look at road-kill or it'll give your baby and ugly birthmark.
*Lifting your arms over your head will lasso the cord around the baby's neck.
*Coughing will cause the baby to shoot out too early. Same with sneezing but apparently, passing gas is ok. (WHAT??? HAHAHA)
*If you're fat, pregnancy is the best time to lose weight (told to me every.single.time).
*Take a dry washcloth and scrub your boobs like crazy mad to get them ready for breastfeeding...cause I guess babies are half dragon and will shred your breasts? Hm...
*Heartburn means you'll have an angry baby.
*Heartburn means it's a mean little boy.
*Heartburn means you have a vein little girl.
*Heartburn means you might be having twins...OR MORE.

I have more but I'll have to think about them... Can you see the reason why I haven't told my Grandma yet and I don't plan to until I'm well into the second tri. I can't take this brand of advice. lol

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Oh Mandy :bigarmhug: I completely understand.

How about this one Wink

The more heartburn you have, the more hair your baby will have. I've heard this one every time I'm pregnant,lol! It's always one person or another repeating this one to makes my head spin,lol!!