Anyone still Christmas shopping?

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Anyone still Christmas shopping?

Anyone still waiting to the last min to hit the stores? or waiting for that last min sale that draws you out? I need to pick up some goodies for my four legged son. I already have my dog two toys but have to keep them hidden cause he will pull them outa the stocking before the 25th. I need some candy for my hubby's stocking and that's about it. How about yall?

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hubs and i have to go out and get something for each other we will do that today and then be done!

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I still have a few gifts to buy. Me and the hubs are going tonight to finish up. Yesterday at work one of my co-workers came in on her day off to wrap presents for all of us! She only asked that you donate to the Hospice house (here in our town) and she wrapped as many as your wanted. So almost ALL of my wrapping is done and I didn't have to do it! Oh and she provided all the wrapping paper/ribbons/bows! Smile

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Going tomorrow morning so Kay can do HER shopping lol then tomorrow night we will be getting her stocking stuffers and a few gift cards for our families secret santa!