Appointment today

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Appointment today

So, had our 28 week ultrasound/ GD test/ appointment today!
Everything is looking healthy!
Baby does likely have OI (brittle bones- Ronan has it, I have it) as femurs measure Otherwise- head is in 97%, abdomen 43%, overall weight/size estimated at 2 lbs 4 oz, 16%
Cervix is "thick" and amniotic fluid is in 45%, so that's good!
Repeat c-section as of now scheduled for 2/1/2012.
I didn't gain weight with Ronan, but with this baby (still a surprise) I'm up about 20! :eek: oh well- so worth it! BP good, baby's heartrate 146
Took the GD test, but as I did it this afternoon, I won't know the results until tomorrow- and I'm not sure if they'll call either way or only with a failing result...
The baby is head down! I know it doesn't matter, as I'm very much leaning towards the repeat c-section, but I was very surprised as Ronan was always breech!
Didn't get many pics as baby had arms in front of its face, but here's one where you can kind of see it:

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Cute! Baby looks a lot like big brother!
Yay for you being healthy and having a great appointment.
Sorry to hear about the bone issues ): But Im sure s/he will be just fine with a mommy like you to look after him/her!

Im putting in a vote for a girl (:

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Yay for a good U/S! I'm glad everything is looking good, despite the bone issues. Biggrin

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Sorry about the OI but it sounds like it was a really good u/s! Maybe the weight gain means you are having a girl! Smile

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glad the u/s went well. sorry for the news about the bone issues :(. I can't believe we are far enough along for some of us to get real DATES eeep!

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Thanks everyone!

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Ohhh so precious and beautiful looking all lovely and snug in there.. Smile