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Appointment Today

Appointment went very well. Yahoo

Rowan is measuring ahead again! Even with the due date change.

Blood pressure is beyond perfect 120/75.
I have great pee haha-No protien, no sugar.
Ive only gained 10 lbs! This belly is all baby (:
he is still head down, hb was 138.

Having another ultrasound @ 35 weeks to check his growth and make sure his heart still looks as good as before.

We talked about how upset I was by the nurses phone call and she said she was shocked that the nurse was so rude. We talked about other options for GD testing like A1C blood draw [thanks to Mindie] and testing my blood sugar levels at home. I chose to do the testing at home starting tomorrow until my next appointment 12/13.

These are the last of my appointments!!:eek:
If I go past my new EDD I will have another appt on 2/6 my original due date.

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What an awesome appointment! Yahoo
I'm so happy that there are no big/current worries with that pre-term labor you were having before!