Appointment today

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Appointment today

First the good news. Weight was only up 1 lb in the last 2 weeks and the insurance is not fighting my US in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, my BP was such that we started labetalol today. Oh well. Knew it would come eventually and at least it isn't methyldopa. OMG I hated that stuff. Also on Augmentin for a sinus infection. Ugh! I hope the face and throat pain are gone soon. And she cleared me for a Christmas trip to Chicago tomorrow. Yay! I just have to be carefull of dizziness. I love seeing the lights on the mile, the giant Christmas tree and window displays at Macy's, and of course Giodano's pizza and Garret's popcorn.

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I've been on aldomet (methyldopa) since day 1. Labetolol did nothing for me.

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Im on Labetolol-Its worked like a charm for me so far (:

Glad to hear you and babe are doing well! I hope you have a fun trip!!

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Sorry about the BP meds, but thank goodness for modern medicine sometimes! I hope you feel better so you can fully enjoy your vacation- HAVE FUN!

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sorry about the meds! Hope you have a great Christmas trip!

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Sorry about the meds Sad I LOVE Chicago! Have fun! So jealous that you are going to be eating Garrett popcorn! Yum!!!! I waited in line 2 hours last time I was there to get some and it was so worth it!