Appt today and u/s set up!

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Appt today and u/s set up!

Had a regular appt today. Heart rate in the 140s, weight up 11 pounds (YUCK), baby/uterus measuring right on track (fundal height). BP 102/60. Told my midwife about the stupid heart palpitations I have been having on and off. I get them a few times a week and it is super annoying! I am not drinking very much caffeine so I know that isn't the problem. She wasn't concerned (also had them last pregnancy) said it was just due to the extra blood volume and because I am super sensitive to my potassium being the tiniest bit low. So I am gonna eat extra potassium rich foods and see if I can't get rid of them. If you have ever had them they aren't at all painful just super annoying! Feels like your heart is skipping a beat and I get a weird tickle in my throat when I have them.

Anyway I also talked to the midwife about having this one at home and she said they will be on board as long as no other moms are in labor at the same time (which most likely won't be an issue). So I am super excited! Decided to have an u/s this time (didn't have any last time) and it is scheduled for next Friday (23rd)! Not finding out gender though just wanna make sure baby is healthy and ok for a homebirth as I will be 20 mins away from the nearest hospital. Even at the birth center we are 15 mins from a hospital so not a big difference anyway. Sorry this got so lengthy! Smile

Oh and a pic from today Smile 18 weeks 2 days

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First off all you look fantastic! Im slightly jealous because I feel like a whale lol..
Secondly yay for healthy mommy and LO! (: Glad s/he is growing like a weed. (:

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Congrats on a great appointment.. HB indicates perhaps a boy? Never know the HB levels seem to be pretty accurate Smile (who knows though)

Good Luck with your next appointment!!

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At home the heart-rate seems to be in the high 150s but every time I have it checked by the midwives it is in the 140s. All my babies have been in this range so I have no clue on the gender. I would be happy with either but am leaning towards a girl Wink

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how exciting! it's awesome that you'll hopefully get to do a homebirth!

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You look fantastic! I hope you're able to have your home birth

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Marcia great appt hun and you are super super cute

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Wonderful appointment and GREAT news about HB Smile I thought the same thing as the other look fabulous!!

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What a cute belly lady!!!! Congrats on a good appointment and on knowing you'll most likely get to do your homebirth!!! What awesome news Smile I can't wait to hear about your u/s next week, and go TEAM GREEN!!!!

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Love the picture!!!! Wink Your ultrasound is really soon---how exciting!!!! Wink

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How'd it go!? Biggrin