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I was just reading your blog and saw you have the name Savannah as a maybe for a girl... that's my DD's name so of course I love it... and she has never once been called Savvy (thank god!), lol.

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I love the name Savannah! Its so pretty and isnt that common! (:
It rocks that she isnt called Savvy, my friends sister has a step daughter named Savannah and EVERYONE calls her Savvy, drives me crazy! lol

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Butting in, as usual but I have to say that family-inflicted nicknames are the worst. My gma wants to shorten everyone's names but she has such a hard time keeping our real names straight that she's just confusing the whole thing! My name IS a nickname so she never has trouble with my name but she calls my kids by all of my cousins names. Poor things... Anyway, I would flip if some called my kid Savvy. That's almost as bad as **** for a nickname. Lol