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Ashley (loveyladybump)

She has full blown pre e and will be delivering Rowan anytime now (no later than Tuesday. They will start the process Sunday and if need be, pit on Monday) . Her BP is holding decent on bedrest, but her labs are getting worse and worse Sad she needs all the elv we can muster.

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Oh no! Hope everything goes well for her. Will be praying. I can't remember, when is her EDD?

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Been chatting with Ashley her proteins are still rising. They are having her do another 24hr collection and she will go in Friday for a nst and check up. Hopefully she will make it to Sunday. She will be 36+6 Sunday so fingers crossed for her that she gets there thats a good milestone

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Tell her to suck it up-Jeesh.
Blum 3

Hubby got me my laptop & my gift from Mindie [havent opened it yet!] (: But the internet is being incredibly slow so most of my updates will come from Mindie and Kristen!
My Fav OB Dr. L has been the one helping me with all the desicions [he is very pro natural birth and anti csection :D] so I know things are getting bad when HE brings up induction. Thankfully we are going to let him bake until Sunday, unless something bad happens or I go into labor on my own. Dr. L decided he wants to go off the 2/6 due date instead of Dr. T's 1/31 because lung, brain and heart wise thats more his gestational age, which is where the 36 & 6 comes into play.

We have a plan but I wont get out the details cuz then my Birth Buddies job is no fun! lol Plus even the best laid plans get ruined. Blum 3

Hope you ladies keep those Love Bugs baking!!

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Thinking of you!!

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Ashley's proteins are up again. They will consider induction tomorrow based on test results. If they do I will start I new thread for it. Thinking of you and Mr R. Ashley!!!!

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Everything went well for Ashley today, her bloodwork is a little better and even though her protein is still high they let her go home. Induction set for Sunday/monday...another baby is right on the horizon ladies!!!

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Cant wait for another feb baby!! Hope everything goes well for ashley and rowan!