The babies are here !!!!

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The babies are here !!!!
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**Lurker** Congrats on the arrival of your twins!!!**

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Congratulations on the arrival of the twinks! So glad they were nice and healthy!!! Hope you guys get into a great routine at home quickly :)!

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What good sized babies!!! Congrats!

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Ooo YAY!! how exciting!! Im so happy for you! The were good sized babes! (: I hope you and the little twinkies find a groove that works for you soon. I cant wait to see pictures of those little cutie pies!

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CONGRATS!!!! You grow some awesome sized babies!! Hope the transition from 1 to 3 under 18 months goes as smoothly as possible!

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Yay! Congrats!!! Yahoo

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Congrats!! And what a blessing that they were so big & healthy!