Baby bottles ?'s

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Baby bottles ?'s

Hi everyone,

I am sure I missed a discussion about this topic but what are the best bottles to get? I plan to breastfeed but then switch over to breast bottle Smile Any comments are surely welcome Wink

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my best advice is to not get set on one until you've tried it. different babies, different bottles. I used avent for ds1 (after a special bottle from the hosp that was medela) and medela for #2 who was almost ebf'ed. my sister loved playtext drop ins. each person will have different reccomnendations so i would suggested getting a few small ones of different kinds and see what Landon prefers Smile

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Lol, all the bottle choices was what sent DH and I home overwhelmed a few weeks ago when we started our registry (and still haven't finished!). I decided to register for the Avent bottles, because that matched the brand of the breast pump I registered for. Of course if LO doesn't take to them, I'll be returning unopened ones and start the trial and error process. I just had to make some sort of decision before going loony that day, lol. Wink

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We LOVE the Dr Brown's! They really help with gas issues. There are a lot of pieces to clean and put together- but they're great Smile

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Once we had to start using Donor breast milk, we used Dr. Browns. They are AWESOME