Baby dream! :)

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Baby dream! :)

Last night I had the weirdest dream.... Me and my hubby were at his parents house when all of a sudden I went into labor. My dream left out the labor itself, but I remember having the Bean and it was a boy and then for some reason my in-laws took him and put them in there bed to sleep. So I took him from their bed and I breastfed him, burped him, and put him to sleep in a bassinet in our room. It was so sweet and for once I felt like I will be okay as a mom. I guess those motherly instincts do kick in...

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You'll do great! I haven't had any baby dreams yet, weird. I'm glad it was a good one Smile

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Aww that's so sweet and reassuring!

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I have baby dreams a lot. My latest was me giving birth to the baby on the side of the road in a snow storm. It was so weird. Lol

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I've had baby dreams with all my pregnancies. And they seem so real!

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Smile You wil do just fine Smile

I have not had but one dream long time ago and it wasn't really a baby dream but a toddler dream. It was a little girl playing on a cycle & my dad watching over. ( I am having a boy so I guess if I let his hair growp long and curly it may match Also in this dream my lil dog was not being watched over & almost got hit by a car.. I had a dream last night he was in danger with alot of bigger dogs.. I guess my point is I seem to dram about how my dog is going to reach or that we will leave him out of things.. so sad.. I will make sure that doesn't happen as he is my baby as well Smile guess u feel that way when you think you will never have kids :eek: surprise Smile

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I love having baby dreams! They are always so weird though! You will be a great mom! I woudn't worry at all! Once the baby is in your arms your instincts will kick in!