Baby Fin!

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Baby Fin!

I had my first OB appt today and it went great! Dr. found baby's heartbeat, 170 and felt me up and said I was around 11 weeks. Then I got a great surprise and he said I could have a dating u/s today! Sad Jason wasn't there, but I got to see Fin waving and kicking up a storm. And here he is!


I will have 1 more regular appt, then my anatomy u/s. Hard to believe, but I am almost out of my first trimester! I'm going to post the same thing in March so you don't have to look at the same post twice! Smile

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Lindsay- baby Fin is a cute one Smile I'm glad you got such a wonderful and surprising appointment! BONUS ultrasound- YAY!

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awww so so cute.. U can really see those lil legs adorable... Congrats on a great appointment.. so u think it's a boy Wink (I am having a lil man too)

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Congratulations Lindsay!! Cute little baby you've got there! Smile So glad everything is going well.

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Soo beautiful Hun love love u/s pics

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So cute!! I loved my ultrasound I had the othere day too! I also can't believe we are almost out of the first tri! Pretty soon!:)

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Kim!!!! Thanks for lurking on me. Smile

After two girls I would love a boy. Just putting it out there. Smile I wanted the first two to be girls and I got my wish so why not?

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great u/s pics!!! congrats on a great appt!