Baby movement WOW

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Baby movement WOW

Hi ya Ladies,

I was just wondering if anyone else had felt the lil baby movements yet? I am just past 11 weeks and I can feel him/her every now and then.. I didn't know I could this early but my doc said yep u can.. Especially second time mommies..

yay for movement

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Oooo yay! That is so exciting! Smile

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I've always felt my babies early on. The first one, not so much but still early. I was having an early u/s due to spotting and the u/s tech couldn't believe I was feeling that fluttering that she was seeing. Biggrin

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I can feel my little prune in there (:

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I usually don't feel movement until at least 20 weeks. I guess that is because my placentas have pretty much ALL been in the front so far. And because I am 'obese'.

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I keep thinking i feel little flutters.. but really at this early.. I thinkg its more wishful thinking then anything lol

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I don't think I really have yet... but there was one time I thought maybe, then brushed it off, so maybe?
Last pregnancy my placenta was anterior and I felt him at 18 weeks.
My ultrasound tech thinks my placenta is posterior (YAY!) and my doc said since it's my second I'll probably feel it move 3-4 week sooner- so I'm thinking maybe at 14 weeks or so? (wishful thinking Smile )

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Oh what fun that is!! My daughter was very quiet and kind to her mommy. She would move around when she heard music, but other than that she was very quiet, which at times I have to admit was a bit scary. Now she is just a little jumping bean. Enjoy those moments they are the BEST!

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I felt my 2nd at 12 wks. The last one was almost 20 wks, but his placenta was in the front. Had me scared for a while. At least until he constantly kept his feet in my ribcage, lol. I hope this one is a little nicer, and I can feel it earlier.